“It finally struck me, only a few days ago, that Venice promises to deliver something I’ve wanted in my life for many years now: the good urban lifestyle without automobiles.

    True enough, there will be rumbling internal-combustion engines in the public watercraft. . . .”

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The range of fields in my editing work for clients has been vast. I’m continuing this generalist work, but it’s now time to specialize in three fields of great personal passion:

  1. classical music

  2. (latest manuscripts: on Russian opera, and music of eighteenth-century Naples)

  3. European languages, culture, and history

  4. (latest: on Kafka, with much German text)

  5. motorcycling

  6. (latest: next Ducati title coming this spring)

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(ten easy fixes for very common writing problems, from an editor who sees them a lot)

    1.    based on
    2.    dangling modifier
    3.    different
    4.    due to
    5.    is comprised of
    6.    not only but also
    7.    provide
    8.    robust (and other buzzwords)
    9.    singular-they
  10.    the following

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Edited and Noteworthy

Barcelona’s Vocation of Modernity: Rise and Decline of an Urban Image
by Juan Ramon Resina
copyedited for
Stanford University Press, 2007

"Tom is my go-to editor not only for business books, with whose technicalities he has had extensive experience, but also for books by authors who are not native speakers or otherwise need wordsmithing and help with American English as well as a deep, sensitive edit."—Judith Hibbard, senior production editor, SUP