Here’s how it begins:

It all began with a crazy notion from Tom (“Hey, I could ride a Ducati on a racetrack in Italy!”) and an offhand statement of complete rejection from Christine (“Yeah, right; if you win the lottery!”).

So I did.

In two days, we’re leaving. . . .

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Here’s how it begins:

We’re sixty-three years old.

It will be the biggest cash purchase we’ve ever made. It will cost more than any automobile we ever bought.

We’re not athletic, and we’re not highly experienced cyclists.

We live in (not just near) a city, and we don’t drive. No car trip to the trailhead; for us, it’s heading out the front door and onto city streets.

We could get scraped up, broken, badly injured, or killed.

We’re sixty-three years old. I might already have mentioned that.

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The two blogs you see below are not, I believe, yer average text-dense or self-serious blogs.

They both set entertainment as a high standard. The content and media are quite varied.

The Italy and Ireland blog, for instance, runs vastly far afield from just visiting those two countries. And the tandem blog willingly takes on something of a gamble: as you’ll see from browsing it, this very public undertaking could well end in personal embarrassment, failure, or disaster.

They have something else in common: delight in language and in the endlessly fascinating phenomenon of human communication.

I hope you will, at a minimum, browse them aimlessly. The Italy and Ireland blog in particular, being so wide-ranging, merits free exploration of its eleven parts and many links. I’m confident that the more you see, the more it will draw you in.

Enjoy yourself—and leave comments on the blog entries, please, even as a first-time acquaintance!